February 08, 2010

When does researching and googling no longer become researching, but obsession?

I've again spent one to many hours reading, researching, and comparing. I'm happy to say that we have finally decided on an agency. I'm very certain we've made the right decision and we are both so excited to start the application process!

I have to be honest here, I spent most of my time this weekend no longer looking for the best agency, but now comparing us to the "other" families on the list. I know this probably isn't the best way to spend my time. However, I think or I hope it's perfectly natural to find out where you might stand on the list of perfect families waiting to be matched. My biased opinion after looking through the entire one hundred and fifty four profiles, pictures, favorite colors, favorite songs, letter birth mothers, hobbies, and so on and so on came to the conclusion that we would absolutely be the "coolest" couple on the list! haa haa! I shared this news with my husband, and of course the response was big chuckle along with a "oh my god, my wife has lost her mind, but i love her anyway one eyebrow raised look". I would be lying if he didn't immediately state that he has already looked at the list as well. Whew, thank goodness! At least one person out there is as crazy as me. I can't believe he beat me to it tho? 

This research through these profiles really made me think about what my favorites are. Are these bits of information really necessary for a birthmother? Do they really care whether or not your favorite color is green or that you like to hike or that your favorite band is The Beatles? Are these the bits of information that give them that connection to you? So many questions! Either way, I can't wait to sit down with my husband and start thinking about how we're going to create our profile. 

It won't be long now and we can start one by one, listing everything about us as individuals, about us together, about our lives, should be a very interesting adventure! Maybe we'll learn something new? 

So, back to the title here, am i crazy and obsessed or just doing my homework?


  1. Erica PullingFebruary 10, 2010

    Well, if you guys are crazy and obsessed, then so am I! I must confess that I, too, looked through the prospective family profiles BEFORE you guys even decided for certain to go with American Adoptions! :) So, I may have beaten you both to it! (I also concluded that you guys are way ahead of the pack!) Can't wait to see your profile!!! Love you! Erica

  2. Erica, this cracks me up! immediately after i wrote this post, i started laughing because i was sure that you and mom had already checked in on the list as well! haa haa! we love you!

  3. Well, I haven't looked yet!!!!! somebody more computer savvy PLEASE TELL ME HOW!!! I'm sure I can give an unbiased opinion. LOVE ALL OF YOU MOM

  4. We didn't have access to lists of waiting families, but our agency gave us samples of profiles of families that had already adopted through them, you know, to give us an idea of what a family profile was. I remember thinking "If these guys were chosen, we'll be chosen too. We're way cooler than them!" LOL

    About the details... Write about yourselves. Don't try to "sell" your profile. Be honest and say anything and everything that is important to you. Something will "click" and establish a connection with the birth family. More often than not is the simplest thing - your passion for dogs, your love for traveling, your writing talent - and not your best qualities as a couple or your deep desire to become parents.

    You'll definitely learn a lot! It was so much fun for us. Therapeutic, I might say.

    There's never enough research. Adoption is a long journey - always learning, always educating.

    Good luck!