February 16, 2010

application step one...

Well, we did it! I'm happy to report that we have sent in our first initial non-refundable payment and step one of the application process! I can't begin to express our excitement! I'll admit I thought this moment would never come. It seemed like such a huge step, this big hill of many to come. We have been welcomed to the agency and they have the first little bit of information about us. The journey begins!

I have to admit, it seemed like forever to get to this point. I know, I know this is just the beginning. Wow, just the thought that we are finally on our way. That first big scary leap is over and now I can't stop looking at the mailbox, waiting for the next big package of paperwork so we can finally start diving in to the nooks and cranny's of our personal selves.

If you haven't already caught on to my excitement, here is the lovely picture. I'm just overcoming being sick, but somehow found the energy to leap around my living room like a 5 year old that just received the coolest gift in the world!


  1. congrats, We!ll be watching every step of this with excitement. Love Dad