January 27, 2010

Well here it is...day one of entering the blogging world

I've spent a total of nine hours today researching adoption agencies, reading forums, checking out different groups, contacting agencies, contacting people that have worked with these agencies, and btw i'm still in my pajamas.

I was supposed to be getting ready for my trip back to michigan tomorrow. The day is almost over, I should be getting dinner ready, the house is filthy, no laundry done, no packing completed, and i feel as though I'm no further than where I started this morning on the "education" of adoption. Needless to say, this first post is going to be a short one.

Tomorrow I'll begin with a new post filling you in on the past six years of my life with infertility and then on to the decision of adoption and hopefully we'll be caught up soon for a daily or weekly adventure through the world of adoption....


  1. I am so happy you are doing this! I am so excited for this next journey in your life!!! There is an angel being sent your way :). I love you!

  2. I am so excited that you made this decision. We, as you know had you and Shaunna and raised Tina & Tricia along with you. It was the most rewarding and exciting time of my life. If we had not been fortunate enough to help raise the twins - we were actually thinking about adoption. There are so many children out there who would absolutely love you and Mike as parents. You both have so much love to give and I know you will. I'm proud of you!!!
    Love Mom

  3. I am SO EXCITED I won't even be able to sleep tonight, just talked to Erica and she told me to check my email NOW. I know the infertility has been horrendously painful and I'm so pleased to know you're getting closer to a baby of your own. That baby will be a very lucky child because I can't imagine people who'd be better parents than you and Mike. Too bad Joann Fabrics isn't open 24 hours or I'd be there NOW picking out the fabric for your baby quilt- I already have the pattern, I've been hanging on to it for several years because I knew you'd have a little one to wrap in it some day, some way! I love you both, MOM BEV

  4. I think what you are about to embark on is amazing. It is so wonderful to know that you and Mike are going to be angels for a yet to be determined baby. How lucky your child will be:) I cannot wait to read more. You are both good and deserving people and God has an awesome plan for you both. Too cool. I wish you both the best of luck thru it all!!!
    -Debbie B

  5. Thank you for all of your support and kind words! I can't wait to share all of this with you! I love you guys!